Scuba Diving in Navy Pier

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Sunday, 07 December 2008 21:10

Out of the many exciting diving trips that can be found in Australia, one of the most amazing and interesting dives can be found at the Navy Pier in Exmouth.  This is uncommon because many divers will tell you that diving around a pier and/or a bridge is usually not recommended, as visibility tends to be very low in these areas because of all of the traffic.  However, this is not the case at Navy Pier and this diving location is generally considered to be in the top ten spectacular diving sites of the country.  If you are looking for a slightly different experience you can ask the local dive operator about the possibility of a night dive at this site.  Since the Navy Pier is closed to the public, there is only one dive operator that has been licensed to dive at this location.  

One reason that the pier is so famous is that there is a concentration and variety of fish life here that can not be found in open waters.  This is due to the fact that the government banned fishing of any type around the pier in order to help protect the ecosystem so this has caused the water environment to grow exponentially.  There is even the chance of seeing big fish and even the occasional whale shark has been spotted in the vicinity!  It’s also good to know that this site gives an excellent diving opportunity for children as there is instant access from the land and it is never tremendously crowded in this area.  However, because it is a pier you will need to make sure that you watch for boats and other marine traffic.


Best Time of Year to Dive in Navy Pier

The Navy Pier is located on the northwestern side of Australia, which means that its temperatures are moderate and that the diving is generally good all year round.  There is not a particular rainy season in this area so you will not have to worry about that factor, plus it means that even in the summer the humidity is reasonable.  There aren’t any tide factors to be concerned with at the pier and because of its relatively easy location, you should be able to have diving access to it all year round.


Types of Marine Life in Navy Pier

The Navy Pier is well known for its diversity of marine life and examples of the types of creatures you can expect to see on a dive are coral, whale sharks, old blue grouper, moray eels, stone fish, angle fish, rays, star fish, nudibranch, turtles, fireweed, painted cray, wobbegong, reef sharks, octopus, and many more exciting things that await your arrival.


Navy Pier  Diving Fact Sheet

Average Air Temperature:        28°C – 35°C

Average Water Temperature:    23°C – 31°C

Recommended Exposure Protection:  At least a 3mm – 7mm suit is recommended for divers in this area.

Average Visibility:  five to ten meters.

Coldest Times:    June to August

Hottest Times:    October to May

Best Times to Dive:  The Navy Pier is located in an area of Australia which has a moderate climate all year long, and because of this you can dive here all year long.  Since the diving location can easily be accessed by land then there also isn’t a need to worry about any ocean factors either.



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