The Frog Kick - Scuba Propulsion Technique

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Wednesday, 29 October 2008 10:37

The Frog Kick is a very energy efficient Scuba Diving propulsion technique which can be used to manevoure slowly while close to the bottom without kicking up silt

How to Frog Kick

1) Float horizontal in the water with your legs together.

2) Bend your knees at a right angle to your body, be careful not to bend your legs at the hip too - keep them straight.

3) Part your legs with your fins cutting through the water.

4) Angle your fins while bringing them inwards and straightening your knees.

5) When your feet are together, repeat from step 2


Video Demonstration

With things like this, it's always easier to see them in action. Here is a video demonstration of how to Frog Kick while scuba diving.