The Back Kick - Technical Diving Technique

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Wednesday, 29 October 2008 10:50

The Back Kick is a technical diving technique that is useful if you get yourself into a jam, especially while cave or wreck diving. The Back Kick allows you to essentially "reverse" underwater, which is an essentialy move if you turn have room to turn around.

How to Back Kick

1) Float horizontal in the water with your knees together

2) Move your legs apart and bend your knees at the same time, turning your fins outwards

3) When your knees are fully bent, bring your legs and fins back together, keeping your knees bent.

4) Return your legs to the original start position, trying to reduce drag while doing this.

5) Repeat!

Video Demonstration

We have videos of two different angles of technical divers doing Back Kicks - watch carefully how they return their legs and manage to propel themselves.